Talking care – how can Carers Assessments help?

Maybe you have been thinking about your Carers Assessment…

‘Talking Care’ is a culmination of a year long project to bring together the stories of carers living in Suffolk.

Family carers share their stories and the advice they have received, helping others to understand more about how Suffolk County Council’s carer’s assessment can help.

The ‘Talking Care’ project consisted of a series of creative workshops run by Artlink for carers, featuring activities including visual arts, photography and creative writing. During the workshops, participants were encouraged to use the different art forms to share their advice and experiences as a carer, their ways of coping and how their role as a carer has changed their lives.

Their stories were documented by writers and film-makers and were made in to a video and booklet to support family carers. The video and booklet can be viewed and downloaded using the links on the right.

The Carers involved shared very personal thoughts, opinions and stories.