Our Courses

Our courses are delivered by trained professionals who are experts in their field and are designed to provide you with practical and emotional support to assist you in your caring role.

Here’s what family carers have said:

“What an amazing course, making us feel more positive – to help with coping mechanism. I would recommend any carer taking the time to complete this course. Thank you”

“Since being on the ‘Be Your Own Best Friend’ course I have had a driving lesson, I had been putting this off for ages. I also make myself talk to people now, in McDonalds I always went to the machine so I didn’t have to speak to people but now I make myself go to a person to order so I have to talk and it feels ok.”

“I would urge others to attend these courses because it offers time out to listen and learn what help is available out there. It has reinforced my positivity. Thank you ever so much.” 

“It was excellent and was put across in such a succinct yet expansive way.” 

“The course was really good. It certainly gave both my husband and I a great deal of insight into our situation. We gained a lot of information and I feel I have a ‘longer fuse.’ 

Family Drop-In Sessions

We hold regular drop-in sessions here at turning point Lowestoft to help guide family carers with the challenges of having a drug or alcohol user in your family.