Online Community

Our online community forum is a supportive space for family carers, to get advice and information, and talk to others with similar experiences.

Have you ever had a great idea but just didn’t know who to take it to? Maybe you have had a particular experience when using a service related to your caring role and you wish there was a place you could use these experiences to impact on the help and support you receive in the future…. Well, now there is… it’s called Online Community.

You can log in and write freely about your great ideas and experiences with the full confidence that those who need to see and/or respond to your post will do so. Your message will be publicly available for all to see and you will be sure to get replies from others to help and support you, or who may have had a similar experience. We want to hear from you and so do your fellow family carers… so log in today!

Sharing your ideas, thoughts and opinions can be called many things, each of them slightly different, but all respecting the experiences you have in your caring role.

Visit our Online Community page to sign up.