Replacement Care

Last Updated on 2 December 2020

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Taking a break from your caring role can have a positive effect on both you and the person you care for. A break is different for everyone, depending on the needs of both you and the person you care for.

Replacement care can take many forms.

  • Welfare visits – a short visit by a provider to the person you care for, to ensure they are safe.
  • A Home service – someone to stay with the person you care for to allow you to have a break.
  • Activity support – accessible sailing/gardening projects.
  • Personal care – help with meals or medication.
  • Day Care or Live in Care
  • Residential care – to access respite in a residential setting.
  • Holidays together – opportunities for you to have a break while the person you care for is being supported.
  • Support for you as the family carer – help with your housework!

Help from family, friends or neighbours

Sometimes as family carers we don’t like to ask for help.  If you reach out, you may be surprised. Family and friends can support you and the person you care for, allowing you to have a break. Could somebody give you a rest by helping with gardening or housework?

Are you able to give yourself more respite?

Can you rest while the person you care for is watching a film, sleeping or with professional carers who may be supporting them?  Suffolk Family Carers can help you to identify if there are any ways to create time that may not be obvious to you. Contact our information Hub for more details.

Suffolk Family Carers offer a number of services to help you get a break.

Respite on Prescription

GPs across Suffolk can request Respite on Prescription to provide replacement care whilst you are in hospital having a planned procedure or diagnostic appointment that you may have otherwise put off due to your caring responsibilities.

Neurological Care Breaks

We may be able to arrange funding for planned replacement care through our Neurological Care Break Scheme, available to carers of people over 18 with diagnosed neurological conditions.

Programmes & Workshops

Many organisations provide funding for replacement care whilst you take part in a workshops or programme to help with your caring role.

A number of other options are available to help you to get a break from your caring role

Carers Assessment

A Carers Assessment looks at your caring role, how it affects you, what is important to you and what support is required to help you achieve that. You can ask for a Carers Assessment by contacting Customer First at Suffolk County Council’s Adult and Community Services.

Care Needs Assessment

A Care Needs Assessment reviews the needs of the person you care for and determines if additional support is required (e.g. help with personal care, someone to be with them, day care or a welfare visit). You can discuss the specific situation with the person undertaking the assessment.  A Financial Assessment is carried out at the same time to determine if a contribution to the cost of care is required.

Paid Care

Help with selecting a care provider can be found on our separate information guide.  Alternatively, the Suffolk Care Services Directory (produced by Care Choices), The Care Quality Commission, NHS Carers Direct, Age UK or Adult Community Services can provide additional information.

Assistive Technology

If the person you care for does not need a care provider with them full time, Assistive Technology such as a pendant or wrist alarm, remote monitoring or motion sensors, may give you peace of mind to leave them safely on their own for a period of time. Suffolk County Council provide more details.

Take a Holiday

Taking a holiday, either with the person you care for or independently, will have a positive impact. Specialist providers will provide care during the break.

Employment Opportunities

Help the person you care for find employment, or identify alternative activities which can be beneficial for them and create time for you to take a break.

Respite Activities for Parent Carers

Activities Unlimited provides fun activities for children and young people with disabilities. An assessment will consider your needs as a parent carer. Suffolk County Council Children and Young People’s Services can be contacted about short breaks or replacement care.


The below table provides details of organisations that can help.  

Help WithOrganisationWebsiteTelephone
Arrange for Paid CareAge 351234
Arrange for Paid CareCare Choices - Suffolk Care Services
Arrange for Paid CareCare Quality Commission (CQC) 616161
Arrange for Paid CareNHS Carers Directwww.nhs.uk0300 123 1053
Arrange for Paid CareSuffolk County
Arrange for Paid CareSuffolk Family Carerswww.suffolkfamilycarers.org01473 835477
Care Needs AssessmentAdult Community 800 4005
Carers AssessmentAdult Community 800 4005
Employment OpportunitiesThe Shaw 30 33 111
Employment OpportunitiesRealise 242500
Monitoring or Response ServiceSuffolk County 124 9971
Neurological Care BreaksSuffolk Family Carerswww.suffolkfamilycarers.org01473 835477
Respite Activities For Parent CarersActivities 260026
Respite Activities For Parent CarersSuffolk County Council0808 800 4005
Respite on PrescriptionSuffolk Family Carerswww.suffolkfamilycarers.org01473 835477
Take a HolidayDisabled 804 9898
Take a HolidayLeonard Cheshirewww.leonardcheshire.org020 3242 0200
Take a
Taking A BreakCarers
Workshops & ProgrammesMusic in Our 809297
Workshops & ProgrammesSuffolk Family Carerssuffolkfamilycarers.org01473 835477