Parent Carers

We work in partnership with Activities Unlimited to provide support for both the young people being cared for and for those parents looking after children with a range of illnesses and disabilities.

Support for parent carers in Suffolk.

Do you care for your child? We have a range of support you can access and we also work alongside Activities Unlimited who can assess your child and offer some respite.

If you are not registered with Suffolk Family Carers, please register with us. One of our Family Carer Advisers will be in touch with you to discuss your caring role in more detail and assist you in finding specific support for both you and your child.

Our courses are delivered by trained professionals who are experts in their field and are designed to provide you with practical and emotional support to assist you in your caring role.

The Autism/ADHD family carers workshops

Come to our one day programme for people who care for children and young people with ASD and/or ADHD.

This workshop will help you understand the positive and negative traits of ASD/ADHD, the positives and negatives of being a family carer, sensory issues and communication, limit setting and caring for yourself.

To find out when the next workshop is running, please visit our calendar.

Caring with Confidence programme

Join us once a week for 3 weeks to gain information, tools and resources to support you in your caring role.

The sessions will cover topics such as managing the stress and emotions of caring, regaining balance and control in your caring role and information on your rights and entitlements.

To find out when the next programme is running near you, please visit our calendar.


Neuro-Developmental Pathway (ND Pathway) Families Project

The Neurodevelopmental Pathway (ND Pathway) Service aims to support parents and carers in caring for their child or young person (up to 25 years) with a diagnosed condition or the indicators of conditions such as autism spectrum (ASD), sensory sensitivities, attention deficit disorder (ADD), social communication differences or other neurodevelopmental condition.

The ND Pathway Service recognises the family as a whole and aims to tailor the intervention to ensure it meets the specific needs of the family. The purpose of this service is to enable families to develop coping skills to deal with the everyday challenges in an effective and positive way and to promote a more stable and resilient family caring situation.

The Neurodevelopmental Pathway Service aims to provide:

  • Information, advice and support related to caring role;
  • One to one sessions (through telephone call, video chat and/or email);
  • Resources to build on family’s strengths and confidence;
  • Bespoke support plans;
  • Support programmes.

You can access the service by completing our online Family Support registration form.

If you have any queries about the ND Pathway Service, please do not hesitate to contact us.


*As funding for this service is provided from different sources it may not be available in your area.