Emotional Support

Being a carer can be rewarding but there can be days where there is just too much going on. Feelings such as anger, mental fatigue, frustration, anxiety, depression, fear, confusion, sadness, loneliness and grief can arise when you least expect it.

Receiving some emotional support can help you continue caring during some tough times, help you maintain good emotional wellbeing and enjoy the rewards that caring can bring.

Whether you are caring for someone with a physical difficulty, mental health issue or substance misuse, we all need emotional support sometimes.

What is emotional support?

Time, understanding, listening, empathy, compassion, concern…

Emotional support is about being given the time and space with someone who is experienced, is understanding, can listen effectively, gives compassion and shows genuine concern.

Working with family carers on a one to one basis helps identify individual emotional support needs and which services can be of help. Staff are experienced, knowledgeable and understand how caring can impact on carers daily lives.


How does Suffolk Family Carers provide emotional support?

Listening, counselling skills, coaching and health coaching…

Suffolk Family Carers have been working with carers for over 30 years, we know that each carer has different emotional needs and like to access support in a way that is right for them. On-going training ensures our knowledge is as up to date as possible. Our staff have a vast array of skills, including coaching, health coaching, listening and effective communication, information advice and guidance. We also have specialist advisers with a deeper knowledge of carers issues, such as armed forces families, carers of substance misuse, mental health issues, and specific health conditions.

How can emotional support help family carers?

Helps family carers feel less worried, anxious and gives empowerment and confidence…

Emotional support can help family carers feel less worried and anxious and can give confidence and reassurance. Receiving emotional support via individual sessions can help carers find their own solutions leading to feeling less isolated and more positive about the future. Having some emotional support can help family carers feel empowered to make choices and difficult decisions that are right for them, their caring role and future.


Where can I get emotional support?

One to one support in the community, training, workshops…

Family carers can speak to advisers on a one to one basis, over the phone or online. We provide our services in a variety of ways:

  • One to one sessions can provide emotional support, access to information and suitable services.
  • Training programmes, education and workshops can provide emotional support alongside practical help of caring. Our mental health and wellbeing team provide a range of support programmes focussed on family carers’ wellbeing. Our information and education sessions are designed to prioritise the needs of family carers to help sustain wellbeing and their caring role.
  • Talk and support service can provide a regular telephone call from our experienced volunteers, which can help you feel less isolated.
  • Peer support provides opportunities for carers to share experiences, knowledge, their expertise and provides emotional support.
  • Hospitals – Advisers are based within Ipswich, West Suffolk and James Paget Hospitals – they are there to support family carers’ while the person they care for is in hospital.
  • GP Practices – GP Advisers are available to speak to you in local GP Practices within East and West Suffolk. We also offer the one to one sessions in the location of the carers choice.
  • Information Hub – The Information Hub is especially for family carers, experienced advisers are there to listen without judgement, give information, advice and guidance and help plan a way forward.

  • Libraries – The Suffolk Advice, Guidance and Emotional Support service identifies family caring for people living with mental wellbeing issues.
  • Social Prescribing – The Social Prescribing service is a service that supports anyone to improve their emotional wellbeing, improve links to their community, helping to reduce isolation.

  • Working in partnership – Working closely in partnership with many other organisations ensure we are able to recognise when a referral to a specialist service is needed, such as relate, wellbeing services, specialist counselling and emotional abuse support.
    Suffolk Family Carers experience, knowledge, training and broad range of services ensures we can meet 90% of family carers needs with 10% signposted to specialist services.
  • Safeguarding is always at the heart of what we do to ensure the people we work with are supported if they are at risk of harm.
  • Schools and Colleges – Our Young People’s Service works closely with schools and colleges to ensure young people are supported with the emotional impact of their caring role.

To access any of our services please call 01473 835477