Community Connector Scheme

Do you live in the Shotley and Holbrook area? then the Community Connector Scheme could be for you!

Did you wake up today and think “more of the same” and wish something different and interesting could happen in your life?

Has one of life’s many challenges been thrown at you recently, and you are not quite sure where to turn for advice and information?

Have you received professional advice to take greater care of your health and wellbeing, to be more active, physically or socially?

Have you recently moved to the area or just find yourself alone because of bereavement, separation or your children growing up?

The Community Connector Scheme aims to do just what it says! It will support you to connect with:

• social activities, clubs and groups and like-minded individuals in this community

• the right advice and information for your local situation

The Scheme does this by offering a private face to face discussion with a “Community Connector” to explore what matters to you …and not ‘what is the matter with you?’

Together with the Community Connector (up to four appointments), you will build your own personal action plan around what is important to you and be supported to put this plan into action. That might include access to:

• Debt, benefits, housing advice

• Health and fitness groups, such as walking, cycling and dance

• Peer support groups

• Arts, culture and history groups

• Local volunteering opportunities

When and how can I see a Community Connector?

The Community Connector operates an appointment system to ensure you have personal time to explore what is important to you, to develop an action plan and review it over the next sessions.

The Community Connector has a mobile “office”, which parks up in your local village and provides a private space to have your conversation. Where it is not possible to get to the bus, it may be possible to arrange a lift to help get you there or alternatively, you may be able to have a home visit. Why not come along to the bus to find out more, talk to the team and make an appointment with the Community Connector for a future date?

View our events calendar to see where and when the bus will be in a village near you.

What else is going on?

You don’t have to have a personal appointment with the Community Connector. You can simply turn up at the bus and have a chat, or get involved in some of the other activities and sessions that will be on offer. There will be opportunities to meet with other people working in your community, either offering advice, ideas, or new activities.

What are the benefits of getting involved with the Community Connector Scheme?

• Improved mental health and wellbeing

• Meeting new people and developing new friendships

• Feeling healthier and fitter

• Learning new skills

• Opportunities for volunteering and employment

How much will this cost me?

The Community Connector Support Scheme is free, however, some of the groups and clubs that you might like to get involved in may have a small charge. This can be discussed at your meeting with the Community Connector.

Background to this scheme

The scheme is developed by Suffolk County Council and Suffolk Family Carers, working in partnership to assist individuals to find non-clinical solutions to improve their own health and wellbeing. This will often involve using services provided by the voluntary and community sector, and other peer networks, local groups, clubs and activities in their community. We are fortunate in Suffolk to have a strong and vibrant voluntary community sector and we will work together to invest in it.