A new vlog for #WorldHealthDay2018

Helping family carers to stay healthy in their caring role is something we are passionate about

World Health Day 2018

The World Health Organisation lists a number of key messages to be highlighted this #WorldHealthDay on 7th April 2018. One of these messages states

  • No one should have to choose between good health and other life necessities

We have released a brand new vlog to highlight the importance of staying healthy in your caring role – it is often the case that family carer health gets overlooked in favour of the person being cared for, therefore, meaning family carers may often choose to look after the person they care for and sacrifice their own good health…. but we run a number of projects, in partnership with other organisations in Suffolk, that work to promote and maintain the health of family carers so they can carry on the vital role they play in caring for someone else.

In our vlog, you will meet our Health Team Project Manager David Grimmer and Occupational Therapist Liz Hortt who will tell you some more about our Moving and Handling project as well as the Respite on Prescription service we run in the west of Suffolk.

David and Liz also give you their 3 main tips for staying healthy in your caring role.